Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I get back to the Home page once I am in my order?
    1. Click the White X on the top right hand side of the order
  2. What if I need help with ordering?
    1. Once you are in the item you would like to order, it will give you a pop-up right away with Ordering Instructions. You can reference these at any point during your transaction by clicking "Ordering Instructions" on the bottom of the screen once you are within an item
    2. If you still need help, you may Customer Service and ask for your dedicated Event Photography Team at 860-886-2475 x226
  3. Can I edit my photos within the order?
    1. Yes; you have the ability to zoom in and out as well as rotate the image.
    2. While you may have the ability to zoom, we do not recommend taking a large picture and zooming to a small area. For example, a group photo and zoom in on your child is not recommended. The picture was taken as a group and doing this will distort the quality once printed.
    3. Please note, we may use our discretion on the quality of your photo once it prints, but this is a service and we will not be reviewing every order.
  4. Can I order these photos in color?
    1. No; this program is specifically designed to have black and white photos
    2. You may add what we call "Spot Color" on some of our collages. This will give a splash of color of your choosing.
  5. Can you tell me what Spot Coloring is?
    1. The overall photos for this program are black and white. We offer you the option to add a splash of color (for a small additional fee). The color and placement is your choosing.
    2. Spot Coloring really enhances the photo and makes it more vibrant.
    3. Typical examples of utilizing spot coloring are: an accessory, a hair accessory, dance shoes, etc. The possibilities are endless and up to you. For professional experience, please call us at 860-886-2475 x246
  6. How come my name doesn't reflect the same font as the example shows?
    1. Your name will be printed in HaloHandletter font as seen in our main example. Unless this font is downloaded to your computer, it will not display when creating your collage.
  7. My entire class is showing up when I log in?
    1. In order to maintain a fast turnaround time, we upload the entire class that participated in the event.
  8. Are these photos edited?
    1. For this Event Photography program, we edit the photos onsite at the point of photography.
  9. What if I have more questions?
    1. Please call our dedicated Event Photography Team at: 860-886-2475 x246